How good are bone conduction hearing aids?

Question by : How good are bone conduction hearing aids?
I have a 90-95% hearing loss in both of my ears, and I have hearing problems every once in a while. I was thinking about getting this type of hearing aid to replace my regular hearing aid since it doesnt bother with ear fluid and wax. Do they have powerfull enough hearing aids that can completely replace my BTE hearing aid?

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Answer by Christian in Jesus
Bone conduction hearing aids are unable to perfectly reproduce sound, the sound is somewhat similar to the telephone.

Also the sound generated by bone conduction hearing aids is only mono, it isn’t stereo. The wearer of the hearing aid is unable to tell where the sound I actually coming from due to this.

The latest bone conduction hearing aids use surgery to implant a device. This works directly onto the bone, and so is less irritating for the user. The device also needs less power to operate, and there is less distortion as a result of this.

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