How does my college list look?

Question by Aha: How does my college list look?
So I have a 3.8 GPA, a 33 on the ACT, and do lots of music and extracurricular related to that.

So I’ve divided my list into three parts: Solid, Competitive, and Stretch. I want to have lots of very different options.

University of Washington
Oregon State University
Montana State University

University of Wisconsin (Madison)


What have you heard about any or all of these schools. What are steryotypes about the student body (and how accurate are they!)

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Answer by Yingyue Han
Apply to University of Washington — don’t bother with the rest on the Solid list.

And don’t go to Macalester unless you’re homosexual and extremely liberal.

Also, there is no way you’d get into Yale but you’ll probably get into Tufts (I didn’t even graduate high school and I got in).

Good luck!

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2 Responses to “How does my college list look?”

  1. PE2008 says:

    You’re not competitive for Yale. But the other schools look reasonable from an academic matching point of view.

    Avoid Occidental and Macalester. The are both “Red Lighted” by the USI Institute for oppressive liberal bigotry. You are unlikely to get a balanced education there. Occidental also get an “F” rating from the ACTA Education Foundation for the school’s total abdication of responsibility to make sure students get comprehensive general education. Students can drift through the school taking courses such as “The Phallus: The Lesbian Phallus, the Jewish Phallus, the Latino Phallus.” (Macalester gets a “D” rating).

  2. Amanda Kraft says:

    UW and OSU are great but the cost of living is going up. UW is in the city so there are lots of jobs OSU is in the muddle of no where and you will need a car. Occidental is a good school and a nice campus but the city around it has turned into a ghetto. You will need a car to get anywhere in LA.
    Everyone I know who went to Montana regretted it can came back home (OSU, UO and Portland State)

    The undergraduate education you would get at USC is just as good OSU, UW and Occidental. Tufts and Yale have bragging rights built in that are valuable in their own right. Are you “in state” for any of these schools? Montana and Yale/Tufts have less people to give financial aid to but Montana, Occidental have smaller endowement so less scholarship money to go around.

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