How do you know if your hearing aid is not set right?

Question by K Girl: How do you know if your hearing aid is not set right?
My grandma just go a hearing aid about 2 weeks ago. She has a Beltone hearing aid. She wears two. But when I talk to her she doesn’t even hear me if I don’t say something loud first. Also she thinks the backgroung noise is too loud, but she’s not sure. How loud should it be?
I know this is a hard question to answer, but I’d appreciate your input.

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Answer by kAudio
Your Grandma’s hearing aids have not been set appropriately for her. I would recommend she return to the Beltone office she purchased them through and have them re-program the hearing aids. It is ideal to have a family member go to the appointment with her to ensure proper care is given and to talk with her while she is getting them tuned. This will help the family know at the time of the office visit that they have been set correctly and she is hearing properly.

Being fit with new hearing aids is a process and does take a few visits to ensure the hearing aids have been adjusted properly. There is also an adjustment period for the hearing aid wearer to get used to hearing with their new hearing aids.

Also testing called Real-ear verification is an absolute must in the hearing aid fitting process. This allows the audiologist or hearing aid specialist to visibly see how well the hearing aids are amplifying once fit on the patient. If the Beltone office she went to does not have real-ear verification, then that is very disappointing and I would recommend going to another office.

For more information on digital hearing aids and how they can be fine-tuned visit:

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