how do i protect my hearing aid from getting wet?

Question by ceg2581: how do i protect my hearing aid from getting wet?
i am a very hard worker and every time i sweat, my hearing aid gets wet. is there any way that i can keep it dry while i work? every time i get it wet, i have to hang it on the fan to get it dry, but i need to use it to understand what my supervisor is telling me….I AM DEAF!!

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Answer by redhawgs
wow, maybe you could cushion it with a cotton ball or some other material to absorb the moisture. or better yet, talk to your Dr. to get his expertise. good luck to you.

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  1. LetThemHearFoundation says:

    To prevent them from getting wet, use SuperSeals — kind of like balloons that fit over the HA to keep as much of the electronics as dry as possible.

    AFTER they get wet you can use a Dry and Store, which is an electronic doohickey that dries and steralizes. The non-electronic version is a mayonaise jar with silica blocks. Put the HA in a jar with one of those little packegs of silica that sucks the moisture out of electronics. These are both more like “end of the day, can leave them in the jar/machine” overnight types of solutions.

    Or you can buy a more waterproof HA, like a Rion and decide that you don’t care because you can get it wet

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