How do I know my 7 weeks old son can hear? he failed in OAE test with differnt results?

Question by Bhavna S: How do I know my 7 weeks old son can hear? he failed in OAE test with differnt results?
I have 7 weeks old son and he failed in initial (OAE) hearing test and second time he passed in one ear and failed in other ear. Then third time he failed in both ear. We did OAE test all the time. Now he schedule for ABR test three weeks later. We are so much worry about him. We do not know how accurate OAE test is. Why it inconsistence results all the time? We also checked few things at home and see his response. Looks like he can hear. Anybody knows that before I go for ABR how do I know my baby can hear or not? Please let me know whatever the information you have. We are so much worry about him and we do not know how we pass three weeks. Can 7 weeks old kid move his face in sound direction? Thanks

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Answer by J P
Try a different baby doctor. Explain your situation.

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  1. drama_girl_1991 says:

    while he’s asleep make alot of loud noise to try to wake him up if it works he can’t hear if try again

  2. hotstuff3706 says:

    well what you do is take him to an abandoned building…put him to sleep…then start a fire there, but don’t leave him like a dumbass…stay there…call the fire department, and when they come, see if your son wakes up to the alarms….if not, then you know he’s deaf, or he just knows ur dumb, so he decided to stay asleep…okay? okay…

  3. slrwoman says:

    you could try clapping but be at a different section of the room, the clap will attract his attention which will cause him to become curious to where it is coming from, if u notice he is trying to find where the sound is coming from he is fine,

    don’t worry i am sure that everything is fine with your baby, just keep talking to him. he will respond to you eventually, some children react faster than other just be patient and not to be too anxious. if you went to your 6weeks appointment and the nurses found him to be fine. then everything is fine

    all the best

  4. Shirley M says:

    I would try to get different doctors to check him to see if any thing else could be causing him not to hear. maybe someone else would fine something else,just remember he is only 7weeks old and just needs a little more time to respond to sounds.Good luck and I hope there is nothing wrong with your son.

  5. rain says:

    I understand your concern, and am very sorry that you are going through this. At 7 weeks your baby should be able to startle to noise by moving his body in some way, but he may not be able to turn his head completely. OAE testing has inconsistent results because it relies on having a good seal, so that the test only picks up sound in the ear, rather than in the room. It also relies on a quiet environment. Since your son has failed at least one ear each time, you should definitely do the ABR. In the mean time practice “talking” to him, out of his field of vision and in his field of vision. Hold him and so that he does not see your face, but can be easily turned to see your face. Then say his name and sing to him. Note whether he reacts to the sound of your voice by startling/smiling, or whether he only reacts once you have turned him to face you. Whether he reacts or not, gradually turn him to face you, while still calling his name and singing to him. Whether he is alerting to the sound of your voice or to the sight of your face, you will be stimulating a communicative “bond” with your son that is necessary for his development whether his hearing turns out to be fine or not. Once you have your ABR results, you can decide with your doctor and audiologist what steps to take next.

    Good Luck!
    Rain, Speech-Language Pathologist

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