How do I get out of the FM system (Receiver)?

Question by Dark Betty: How do I get out of the FM system (Receiver)?
I am deaf myself, but I wear digital hearing aids. For the past 3 years *almost four years*, I have been getting sick of the FM system (Receiver) because it makes one of my digital hearing aids beep constantly for every five minutes. I get so confused to tell whether I need to change the hearing aid’s batteries and I get easily distracted when trying to pay attention in class.

So, I’ve been trying to find a way out of using the FM system and don’t ever use it again in life. I can hear just fine with my hearing aids and I don’t want to continue using it anymore. The school is claiming it’s required, but I’m saying…I hate it.

Why I hate it? Well, I could list a lot of reasons. It always make those static noises, I get too distracted from that. It’s too loud, I can’t even hear myself. The school won’t get the FM system fixed. Oh, the audio cord? I can’t tell the difference when the TV gets plugged in with the FM system, it doesn’t even make the difference because the teacher always have it up so loud (plus, I’m more of a caption/subtitle person). I’m tired of explaining what it’s supposed to do and tell everyone all about (trust me, I get so sick of the same routine). Lastly, at the end of the day, my ears is so worn out, burned up, and red. It starts to show up before 6th period arrive *depending on my schedule*,

So, you can see…some of the issues I have and you would have to at least agree to see. Oh, yes, the school won’t buy me a new one because I have Phonak (can’t remember how to spell it) FM System.

So, is there a way out of using the FM system? Please tell me there is a way!!!

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Answer by TV guy
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The main role of the FM system is to help YOU focus on the main speaker – the teacher – so that your hearing aid does not pick all the background noise in the class – and believe me there is A LOT of background noise.

If you can hear fine without it, and you are the only kid in the class using it, i am sure your parents, with the help of a doctor’s note can ask the school to stop using it or FIX it.

You may also want to ask a hearing technician to help you fine tune your hearing aid so that you don’t get the constant beeps.

The system is there to help you, so work with your parents and teachers to make it work for you.
Good luck.

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  1. ♥ Pixie ♥ says:

    I know what you mean do you mean the fuzzy noise when they teacher slightly turns away I hate that.
    You could ask your parents to go into school and ask if they could fix it because it is disturbing your learning.
    On your hearing aids do you have like a little button on the top and when you press it the sound changes slightly because you can turn the radio aid of using this.
    Of you could put your hair down and not wear the FM radio attachments.

    Email me if you want any help, I don’t use my radio for one lesson where the teacher enjoys screaming

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