How do I get a small piece of foam out of an ear canal?

Question by Philatellic I.Y.C.: How do I get a small piece of foam out of an ear canal?
I have a friend that wears a hearing aid. A 1/4 inch piece of foam broke off and is stuck in the friend’s ear canal. The friend has tried washing out the foam pad with olive oil, mineral oil, and of course soap and water. The friend will see a doctor on Monday. Any suggestions in the mean time? I am scared to use tweezers.Thanks.

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Answer by frootloose
tyy using cotton buds with baby oil! maybe it will stick to it!got it?

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6 Responses to “How do I get a small piece of foam out of an ear canal?”

  1. lindalousmile says:

    Let a pro do this one. Not safe to tinker with that turf.

  2. im_buz says:

    DO NOT try to get it out. I know it might be uncomfortable, but leave it in there and let the doctor get it out. Don’t go poking around in there, you could damage the ear drum and cause permanent damage.

  3. gettin'real says:

    Call an ER and ask them how they would do it if you went in.
    They probably won’t tell you (liability concerns), but you just might get lucky & talk with someone who knows and will offer an idea that can safely be done at home.
    It can’t hurt to ask.

  4. smarties says:

    Your best bet is to wait for the doctor to pull it out but you can try this:
    If you can see it and reach it easily, a tweezers is your best option. Put a dinning chair perpendicular to a wall (the back of the chair is perpendicular to the wall) and have him sit straight up on it in a way that his back is to the wall. Put another chair next to him and sit down so that you can use the back of his chair as a support for your arm. Now very slowly and firmly, grab the foam with the tweezers and pull it out. Whatever you do, DO NOT PUT ANYTHING (WATER, OIL, Q-TIP,….) IN SIDE THE EAR, since this will just push the foam further into the ear canal.

  5. W W D says:

    It won’t hurt to wait a day or two, and a guy with an otoscope and alligator forceps has a huge advantage over what you’ve got at home.

  6. survivorofkaos says:

    Sucktion is my guess. You know those blue snot suckers for babies would be perfect. But at your own risk! The safest thing to do would be wait and see a doctor. Good luck with it anyway.

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