How do I find a ww2 veteran I have a picture of from 1945?

Question by alison a: How do I find a ww2 veteran I have a picture of from 1945?
I found my grandma’s old picture album from long long ago. I had heard about her tragic love story about a man she married back then. They were married in Texas. She moved from Texas to Washington while he was in the war. The letters he sent were never given to her. In the meantime he thought she had left him and remarried. She spent the rest of her life broken hearted. I found a picture of him the other day in an album. He was a beautiful man and now I’m so curious what ever happened to him. All I know is his name is Gene, he’s from Maine, met my grandma in Texas and was in the army in WW2, I think he was a sailor. How can I find out more about him?

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Answer by sofmatty
contact your nearest American Legion, sad as it is, our WW2 vets are passing at an extremely high rate, I hope you find what you are looking for, it sounds so sad, and it sounds like the beginning of a beautiful story, maybe you should write it, for your grandmother,
also the army times, navy times will post a search as will the legionaire magazine. God bless. please let me know how it all worked out.

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  1. dougie says:

    Was “Gene” in uniform ?
    If so, get some help from a recruiter, your congressman/woman, V.F.W, identify the insignias on his uniform.
    The department of the Army would likely have a record of his unit and You may be able to tie his name or another photograph to him.
    The Veterans of Foreign Wars would , likely provide You with a great deal of help.
    How romantic !

  2. Renoirs_Dream says:

    The BEST thing you could do is to start posting pictures on the NET. Since you have NO last name the ONLY way you are going to find someone of this nature, (being of age, he night have passed on), is if someone recognizes him from the photo… There are military sites that you can contact for the navy. Maybe even go to a navy recruiting office to see if they have anything more that may aid in your quest.
    This way old buddies may see the picture and go, “Oh, That’s GENE XXXXXXX” and supply you with a last name….

    How do you know he wrote letters if your grandmother never got them… WHERE did your grandmother live in Texas when they were married.

    Since most of the WWII vets are gone now. That would be a difficult mystery to solve. But possibly solvable….. Did they have a baby while in Texas? Birth records etc…

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