How do I convince my dad to turn down his hearing aid?

Question by Lee Everett: How do I convince my dad to turn down his hearing aid?
He’s deaf with no hearing in his left ear and 20% in his right ear when he has his hearing aid in. My ears are so sensitive that I can literally hear a mouse running across the room. No joke. He always makes us turn our TVs down to volume 10 yet I can’t even hear what is being said without closed captioning. He says it’s too loud but he won’t even turn his hearing aid down. And when he’s watching some country stars perform live, he turns up the volume to the point that it’s very loud. He does have closed captioning on if it matters. I just don’t get it. He listens to literally everything my brother says but I haven’t brought this up with my brother. (Because of my brother, my dad’s constantly harassing me to wash my hands before I eat things because I used to pick my nose in kindergarten. Yet I’ve never seen him wash his hands.)
Are you saying all that because I eat eggs? Well go yolk yourself.

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Answer by Egg
go in the basement
and scream as loud as you can

you dumba$ $ booger picking freak

go wash your hands
and turn down your hearing aid
its giving me a headache

then go upstairs
and see what his reaction is

if nothing happens
he NEEDS it that loud

get one of your own so when he tells ya ta turn down yur set
you can turn up yur aid

good luck 🙂

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  1. thom t says:

    Move out, get a job and support yourself. Stop picking on your Dad(and your nose). Stop blaming your brother for everything. Stop sending these idiotic questions to Y/A. You can stop reading now; I’m finished.

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