How do hearing aids feel like?

Question by E.D.: How do hearing aids feel like?
I’ve recently gotten news from my doctor that I need to use two hearing aids – one for each ear. He said the severity of it probably indicates that I’ve had it since birth and that I might not even know how it is to hear normally. I was fine with it because at least now I have a chance of hearing normally again with the hearing aids. The only thing that worried me was, how does it feel? Is it uncomfortable? Does it take some time getting used to? How long does it usually take for a teenager (15 y.o) to adjust? Does it hurt? What does everything sound like? These are some of the types of questions I have lingering in my mind and in a way they’re making me hesitant about getting hearing aids. If anyone can answer these and/or give me any more input, I would love it.

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Answer by IAN
Everyone who gets them has to adjust to wearing hearing aids. Firstly, you have to used to having something in your ear, either the whole hearing aid itself if you are getting the in the ear or in the canal style, or ear molds if you are getting behind the ear style, though some behind the ear style can now be worn with an open ear fit.

If you are getting in the canal or in the ear or behind the ear with molds you need to have them “vented”. Your audiologist will explain this but it does help to stop the feeling that your ears are clogged up.

I wear 2 behind the ear aids with ear molds and the venting does help.

It can take anything from a week to a month or so for you to stop being conscious that you have got hearing aids in your ears, getting used to hearing with them can take longer, depending on the severity of your hearing loss and how long you have had a hearing loss. However, I think that this will differ from person to person and will also be influenced by how willing you are to persevere with hearing aids.

Practice makes perfect, and when you get them, the more you wear them the sooner you’ll learn how to hear again. Reading what you’ve said in your question you will have got used to hearing a certain way and your deafness has limited what you have been able to hear for quite a long time. Hearing aids will change all this radically and suddenly so you need to be patient with yourself and with your new hearing aids.

When you get them take your time, don’t expect to pout hearing aids on and hear perfectly, instantly. you will need to build up the amount of time that you wear your hearing aids each day, starting by only wearing them for an hour or so in quiet surroundings and building up from there, but your audiologist should give you advice on this and perhaps design a program for you to follow so that you grow into stage where you put your hearing aids in as part of getting dressed on a morning and are able to wear them all day long until bedtime.

Go for it, try them, hearing aids can and do help us to get the best out of the hearing that we have left.

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