How can my family and I adopt a child from Haiti? How long should it take?

Question by tlk2me: How can my family and I adopt a child from Haiti? How long should it take?
My family is very interested in adopting a child from Haiti. I realize the adoption process may be a long one but I also hear that because of the tragedy in Haiti the process has been sped up! Does anyone know any info or webs sites that could help us?

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Answer by not 2 B fooled
You would need to be very cautious right now, as there will be a lot of bogus “organizations” that will claim to help, but will probably just be unscrupulous. I would suggest contacting, which was started by Billy Graham and is now overseen by his son, Franklin. They may have info for you

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  1. H****** says:

    Urgh child traffickers are rife in these kinds of situations.

    I have a family member out there right now and she says this week 40 kids were taken across the border for ‘medical treatment’ without their parents. I guess those parents aren’t going to see those kids again and many will end up in American homes being raised by oblivious people who pat themselves on the back thinking they ‘saved an orphan’

    Wake up and smell the coffee people. Aid is what’s needed right now; money, time, whatever but please keep your sticky mitts of the kids – you could unwittingly be lining child traffickers’ pockets

    Even if the children come from an ‘orphanage’ it doesn’t mean they don’t have living parents. Some put their kids in orphanages temparily until they can reclaim them (due to poverty) Adopters are so hell-bent on adopting the ‘orphans’ they don’t think of the possibility of families being reunited. It’s like they feel poverty stricken nations deserve to lose their kids. Disgusting.

  2. Alli B says:

    This is harsh. But if the Haiti disaster never happened, would you have known, or even cared about the haitian people?
    Be careful of fake organizations if you are genuine. I am sorry if you are and I have accused you unfairly of doing that just to look generous.

    Child trafficking is bad in situations like this. And very rarely can you choose the gender, age or race of your child. laws may prevent you from adoption unless certain circumstances have occured i.e, you can not have kids of your own, etc…

  3. Lucky says:

    Families were separated during the quake, it may take them many months, if not longer to find out who has family and who is an orphan. Until then new adoptions will not take place as it would risk permanently splitting up families.

  4. ClassAct7 says:

    It has not been sped up at all. In fact, just the opposite. It has completely HALTED!

    No child is allowed to be adopted from Haiti right now. It may be years before adoption processes are allowed to resume. The only children leaving that country right now are ones who were adoped before the earthquake (meaning, their homestudies done, paperwork filed on both ends, legal stuff completed, etc.). They were just waiting on a green light to come and get them.

    The average waiting time for the adoption of Haitian children is 2.5 years.
    If you want to help, donate money to the RedCross.
    Here are some orphanages that are accepting donations as well:

    – Maison des Enfants de Dieu was right at the center of the earthquake. Their building was badly damaged, and looters stole some of their supplies. (These are the babies you have probably seen/heard of who are now living in the back of a truck.)
    They are accepting money donations and you may donate at their website:

    – Petits Anges de Chantal is accepting money donations. Do NOT send supplies! The orphanage is in Port-au-Prince and damage was done to their building.
    You may donate at:

    – Maison Fortune Orphanages is accepting money donations
    Visit their website for information.…
    They say they are accepting supplies, though it has not been updated since the earthquake, so we don’t know if they can still receive supplies right now.) Money donation is best way.

    – God’s Littlest Angels. (Note: They had a significant decline in donations before the earthquake, so it is definitely worse now! They are having to pay for home repair themselves.) They are accepting money donations via paypal (from their website: )for you can mail a check to:
    God’s Littlest Angels
    2085 Crystal River Dr.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80915
    I believe they lost a few children to death in the earthquake, and the orphanage is having to pay for funerals.
    They are also accepting supplies, and will try to get it shipped to Haiti as soon as they are allowed.
    They need: powdered formula, diapers, wipes, baby cereal, infant Tylenol, infant and children vitamins, baby lotion, baby shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, blankets (for ages 1-8), clothes for boys and girls ages 1-8, first aid supplies (neosporin, Band-Aids, gauze, etc.) Donations may be sent to the address above.

    – – Hands and Feet Orphanage is accepting money donations .(No RedCross for US aid had reached them yet, as of a few days ago). You may donate via paypal on their site:…
    Or you can mail a check to:
    Hands & Feet Project
    P.O. Box 682105
    Franklin, TN 37068
    They are not accepting supplies at this time.

    – Danita’s Children Hope for Haiti Children’s Center is accepting money donations via paypal. They have rescued and brought several new orphans to their facility from Port-au-Prince. Their website is:

    – – Maranatha Orphanage is accepting money donations only. They cannot receive any supplies, but money is needed to buy supplies already in Haiti. You can donate money via paypal on their website, just be sure to click “Maranatha Orphanage” as the company they work with supports others, and you want to be sure the money gets to Haiti.

  5. BelizeYungGyal says:

    Your best bet is going to Haiti personally or you will get the run around. Be careful and good luck

  6. DreadHead Momma says:

    you can’t.

    only “pre-quake” orphans are being matched and only to homes that have been approved.
    haitian adoption takes two years during non-crisis times and it will take years before they allow adoptions of new “orphans”.

    i hear america is having a crisis though… so many american kids needing homes that other countries are adopting them… maybe you could help one of those kids instead???

  7. jack says:

    Well that all depends.Are we talking FedEx Overnight or UPS ground?

  8. zenzen says:

    Many are saying that children from Haiti are not as important or as valuable to society as children in America. Adopt from your OWN land, USA, USA, USA! You are grossly misinformed. For every child available in American for adoption – including hard to place, disabled, family groups, etc. there are 12 families willing and ready to adopt them. As an adoptive parent I resent your insinuations. You have no idea the cost, emotionally and monetarily of adopting – especially in the US. My adopted children are young adults now but with the hostility to adoptive parents in the US court system, it is no wonder families prefer foreign adoptions. When you can have a child in your home for 4 years and have that child taken away through the court system it makes you hesitant to make that choice. As far as those horrible, selfish LDS families who are taking Haitian children into their homes to ‘indoctrinate them’ – would you rather let these children stay living on the streets in Haiti and possibly die? Also for those who say you have to wait for birth families to reunite, it does make sense. But wait, Haiti had 380,000 orphans before this tragedy so can those TRUE orphans be adopted now and free up space for new orphans? At this point, it is doubtful there are any children in the world more desperate than the orphans of Haiti. Cultural heritage means nothing to a dying toddler. Open your eyes!! So, yes, they should be given priority when it comes to international adoptions. Only selfish, egotistical people denigrate the positive actions of those who are willing to take adopt or foster children!!!

  9. Dump the liberals into Jupiter says:

    UNICEF believes that there is now a black market in abducted Haitian babies and young children who are being sold to adoptive parents from foreign countries by kidnappers misrepresenting themselves as legitimate adoption services.

    Here’s a link to an article in the German press describing the abduction of 15 babies and toddlers from a Haitian hospital.

    If you don’t read German, you can get a translation from Google.|en|

    There is a good chance that the parents of some of the Haitian “orphans” who have been so hastily evacuated from Haiti are STILL ALIVE and wondering where their children are. If you’ve adopted one of them, then you’ll have to decide whether to send the child right back to Haiti (at your expense) or join the Haitian abductors in the crime of kidnapping as an accessory after the fact.

    Over-eager sentimentalist do-gooders often do more harm than good. They go in to a place with many good intentions, but little real information, and no safe-guards, and they blunder about making a big mess, while handing a pile of money to criminals who secretly laugh at them.

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