How can I raise money to help my cousin get a hearing aid?

Question by Maria: How can I raise money to help my cousin get a hearing aid?
My cousin Tommy has been deaf in both ears ever since he was born. He’s 42 and is amazing at lip reading and sign language, and he’s such an inspiration to me. I want to help him buy another hearing aid, and I asked him how much they normally were- around $ 1,200 for the aid itself, but an additional $ 3- $ 6,000 to fit it for his personal needs.

I was thinking of painting coffee cans and taping on a picture of him and the same explination, and placing them around my town in grocery stores and shops. Also, I wanted to have a garage sale to get rid of my old junk, and I was thinking of having a huge bake sale in my front yard. Maybe even make some bracelets and necklaces or sell my old paintings?
I’m just looking for more ideas (:
His hearing aid was broken, and he does want a new one.

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Answer by shelly f
how about a pancake breakfast or a chili supper you can also contact your local red cross they maybe able to help you , you can even talk to the hearing aid person they may know of ways to get the aid for less. good luck I hope this helps and your cousin gets the hearing aid he needs.

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  1. Cassie says:

    maybe have a bake sell or something like that…..or u could always stand on the side of the road with a sign asking for donations for your cousin…i’m sure people would be generous and give u some money 🙂 goodluck.

  2. gsalelady says:

    Hi! What a great thing you are doing!

    If you decide to have a garage sale, I would gladly donate my Secrets of Successful Garage Sales and Planner ebook. Just contact me.
    If you do have the garage sale, be sure to advertise in the paper and with a sign at your sale, that proceeds will be going to purchase a hearing aid for your cousin. People will make an extra effort to stop by or maybe spend more when they know that!

  3. turbopenny says:

    I have to ask this question- does Tommy WANT a new hearing aid? You said he needs another one, did he loose his old one or did it break, or is it a second one for the other ear? His medical insurance, or SSI or SSD, or medicare should cover it.

    Many Deaf people don’t see themselves as disabled, and so do not use hearing aids. I’m not saying that is Tommy, just observing a fact. Are you sure this is something Tommy wants and cannot receive on his own?

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