How can I make my self deaf enough to get hearing aids?

Question by Susie: How can I make my self deaf enough to get hearing aids?
My hearing is perfect but I realy want hearing aids. Some of my friends have them and they are amazing. Please don’t suggest I am dumb because I am not. Everybody wants something in life, and I want hearing aids. I want to have some noticeable imperfection. I want them so badly. If I look up pictures etc. of them I get and almost organismic feeling, it’s crazy. I want to painlessly decrease my level of hearing. Please leave comments that would help my not saying that I’m stupid etc.

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Answer by Nicole
ok put on rock music on your computer ipod ipad iphone etc.
put earphones on and turn the volume highest limet and do it for another 4 days for 10 minutes and you will get hearing aids thats what happen to my grandmother when she was little

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2 Responses to “How can I make my self deaf enough to get hearing aids?”

  1. Becks W says:

    Maybe you should ask your friends why this is a bad idea. Deaf ppl are misunderstood and have to deal with situations that hearing don’t. As long as you know asl you’re more accepted into their community. Even they would tell you that you have a gift you shouldn’t try to lose.
    And partially deaf is even in a more awkward situation because they are not fully accepted in either hearing and non-hearing community.

  2. see-ellen2001 says:

    This is not an uncommon fetish..that is what it is. I would be concerned you may intentionally or subconsciously damage your hearing. You should address this issue with a therapist.

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