How can I keep my ears dry inside?

Question by janell_ongley: How can I keep my ears dry inside?
I’m 27 and recently invested in a hearing aid. My right ear had a whole in the ear drum about 14 years ago and I underwent 3 surgeries to fix it. With no luck they removed the ear drum and other parts as well. Now with my hearing aid I can hear better than ever. However, it holds moisture in my ear and I keep getting ear infections. My Dr. suggested taking antihistamines to keep everything dry. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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Answer by Ela
Try a home remedy, mix 1 to 1 (equal parts) of vinegar and rubbing alcohol and put couple drops in the ear, before you insert the hearing aid. This mix usually keeps the ear dry, but with surgeries you had, be careful. This remedy is for swimmers ear, you can buy the kit in most drug stores.

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  1. IAN says:

    What style of hearing aid do you wear? I wear 2 behind the ear hearing aids with conventional ear moulds, but I have friends who wear the in the ear style and have had the same problem as you do. Some switched to the small behind the ear aids with the open ear fitting and have found that this has helped. Have you considered this style of aid?

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