How accurate are the at home marajana test?

Question by Vampira – Video Game Freak: How accurate are the at home marajana test?
I have a drug test for employment today. I took one of the green box Walgreens drug test last night and one this Morning. Both came back negative. I’ve been flushing my system out for the last three days with water, apple juice, and working out. But before that I smoked daily. Will these results be accurate? Should I go take my test or ask for another week to flush?
Actually my employer knows that I use to smoke. He knows I’m trying to get clean and agreed to give me another week if I need it. I’m just trying to find out if I do need it. And how accurate those at home test are because both came back negitive.

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Answer by Nemo the geek
It takes 3 weeks to get out of your system. It will look suspicious to ask for more time.

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  1. Jay B says:

    Depends on where you’re getting employed. Drug-store tests are accurate, but from what I have heard, the drug tests you take for very professional and serious jobs and the drug tests you are administered by a probation officer generally “go back farther” in your drug use history, meaning they can trace smaller amounts from less recent dates.
    To be honest, there’s no sure way to tell. Flushing out your system and exercising before the test really can be effective, no matter what people say; trust me, I have some personal experience. But sometimes it doesn’t help at all. So my advice is to take the week and continue doing what you’re doing. Maybe buy a detox product or take cranberry tablets as well. It’s worth a shot.

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