HISD to hold public hearing on academic summary

HISD to hold public hearing on academic summary
“We look at (for example) AP test results, attendance rates, dropout rate, students graduating on recommended and distinguished plans, ethnicity, disciplinary placements, class size and average years teaching (for teachers).” The TAPR is prepared by …
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Heidi Allen hearing recap: Failed lie detector, integrity questioned, cast of
Jennifer Wescott, former girlfriend of Breckenridge, failed a lie-detector test when she told a sheriff's investigator she did not know who kidnapped the 18-year-old cashier in 1994, according to court papers filed on the first day of the hearing. The …
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Content Discovery: Quality Vs. Quantity
"Anecdotally, we were hearing from users that there wasn't a lot to click on once they got to the bottom of the page, so we figured more options would increase the chances that you'd find something of interest," Stern says. "It wasn't a huge bump, but …
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