His hearing aid is an entertainment center

His hearing aid is an entertainment center
Morrill slowly lost his hearing, especially in his left ear. Eventually, his family urged him (and urged and urged, he said) to get a hearing aid after years of his asking people to repeat themselves and turning up the TV. “When I was a kid, I'd turn …
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Hearing aid helps with more than just sound
Q: I now have a hearing aid and have discovered that it has made me a better driver. I also think it has improved my balance when I walk. Is there any science behind that? — Janet R., Tempe Arizona. A: You're so smart to get a hearing aid; less than …
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Headbones not headphones: Boy, 14, has hearing transformed by hi-tech gadget
However both Thomas and his parents felt this would be too invasive, particularly as his speech had developed well despite the microtia. The only other treatment was a bone conduction hearing aid which would have required an operation to permanently …
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