Help in selecting a hearing aid machine?

Question by r_arora4u: Help in selecting a hearing aid machine?
Hi Friends,

I need help in selecting a hearing aid machine for my father. But I dont know about the company who provide good products and what should I look for in the product, what is the price range etc.

Anyhelp is important.



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Answer by Helen R
Are you from the UK if so he would have attended audiology and be on the waiting list for a free one mind you it can take over a year to get one.If you go private they are expensive. Type in hearing aid suppliers and you will get the names of different companies. Spec savers appear to be the most reasonable starting at £495 with some buy one get one free!

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  1. holly says:

    Only the audiologist can advice you on what type of hearing device to purchase as it’s not a one type suits all thing, there are different devices for different hearing problems, then once purchased they must be tuned to suit the wearer by the audiologist.

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