/Help for Parents of Children With Hearing Loss

/Help for Parents of Children With Hearing Loss
Two to 3 children out of 1,000 in the U.S. are born deaf or with some loss of hearing, according to the National Institutes of Health. Most states test the hearing of newborns, and if there is a hearing problem, another test is done within a few weeks.
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Regents revolt, criticize state testing program
Wade Norwood challenged the effort to refine reports on tests for parents who question the validity of the tests and, in any case, never see exactly what questions their children got wrong. Norwood said investing in reworking “a report for parents not …
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BMW i8 Review
The i8 is noticeably larger than the Porsche 911 and, as a consequence, you can actually use the rear seats. If you're not taller than 5 feet three (1.60 m), that is. So yes, the i8 remains a two-plus-two who can only accommodate a pair of children in …
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