Hearing loss may foreshadow dementia

Hearing loss may foreshadow dementia
The two are not unrelated, and several scientific studies have found that the development of hearing loss often precedes dementia. How that could be, … In this test, one is required to read a list of color words, such as red, green and blue. This …
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Intensive Care
He was jaundiced. It was not a typical case of jaundice; his bilirubin levels kept increasing at an alarming rate. I'd only seen him for a few moments — he'd been delivered by C-section, then whisked away for the usual tests and procedures — but now …
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Students with hearing loss get offered hope by school district
In 2012, the Heart of Texas Sertoma Club began a program of donating hearing screening audiometers, machines used to test for hearing loss, to schools in Region 12. Many of these schools had experienced decreased educational funding and had …
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Cosmetics industry
It warns that the legislation could lead to a smaller and less diversified range of products in Europe, lower profits and the loss of jobs. Of the 12 million animals used for scientific purposes in Europe in 2008, only 1,510 were used to test cosmetic …
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