Hearing loss in women tied to pain relievers

Hearing loss in women tied to pain relievers
Researchers found that themore often women took either of these pain relievers, the higher their risk for hearing loss. The link was stronger among women younger than 50 years old, and especially strong among those who took ibuprofen six or more days a …
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Human Stem Cells Repair Hearing Loss in Gerbils
This type of hearing loss, which affects many people, is currently untreatable; it isn't helped by hearing aids or cochlear implants, both of which depend on the auditory nerve to send the final signals to the brain. Applied to humans, this research …
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Getting aid to avoid the cavalry
My first pair of prescription glasses rests on the bridge of my nose, the hearing aid for my “gun” ear is ordered and my son's 9 p.m. bedtime no longer marks a couple of hours of free time for me — it is close to coinciding with my own march to sleep …
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