Hearing Impaired Ears React Differently in Loud Situations

Hearing Impaired Ears React Differently in Loud Situations
The auditory system filters sound into a number of channels that are tuned to different frequencies, and those channels vary based on their frequency tuning. In a normal system, the channels are sharp and focused, but … "For example, most audiology …
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West Seattle's now-famous 'Hum': Apparently NOT a fish's fault
After hearing about the strange reports of the hum in West Seattle, we were intrigued that perhaps the midshipman might be heard near shore if the calls were possibly transmitted via tanker or boat hulls. There was a famous story … I seem to remember …
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Tips to beat hearing loss
Women should also get their hearing tested, but she said most men who have had a noise injury have a high frequency hearing loss so they have difficulty hearing higher-pitched female voices. "That's it – so what we do is a lot of counselling," Sue said.
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