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Question by litl m: hearing aids?
I have a hearing loss, and its is getting worse. I have tinnitus and want to know if you have this and what hearing aids worked for you. What can I expect to pay for them and where are they available? At this point I am doing research and saving pennies. Is there any organizations that will help working people hear?

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Answer by Laceyd5
Check with your local Lions Club. They have a program for low cost hearing aids for those in need, and have been super nice to me. I have the same problems, but my audiologists said that my hearing loss could not be helped with hearing aids.

Good luck to you!

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  1. billy says:

    I have Tinnitus very bad and it gets worse over the years, I also have 70 decibel hearing loss. I am on my 2nd pair of hearing aids, these have double pick-ups, the first pair only had single pick-ups and were not strong enough for me. I hate them all, they sound artificial. if you turn them up much then sudden noises will make you jump out of your skin, like Shell-Shock, I feel for you, but I like the quiet better, its just that you miss out on a lot of things, and you will get to avoiding people, if you aren’t already, cause you can’t understand them.

  2. Hizeatha says:

    If your hearing isn’t too bad then you can be fit with hearing aids that are called “open fit”. This leaves your ear canal as open as possible- this combined with the amplification have helped a lot of people who suffer from tinnitus.

    A GOOD QUALITY hearing aid is not cheap. You should expect to pay anywhere from 1200-2800 PER AID, and it can be more depending on where you live. But, keep in mind these are an investment that should help you for AT LEAST 5 years. Some insurances will cover a small portion of your hearing aids, but most don’t. There is something called “Care Credit” that some audiologists use to help their patients finance their hearing aids…its similar to if you were to buy a home appliance and they offer you no interest for however many months.

    But no matter what, you need to get a thorough evaluation by an audiologist and get their best recommendation. Don’t go to Beltone, Walmart, Amplifone, Nu Ear, Miracle Ear, or any large chain…their first concern is making commission and hoping that you don’t return your aids within the trial period. Go to a licensed audiologist who cares about your hearing over the sale.

  3. jacksonaustinvicksburg says:

    Hearing Aids (HA) are very expensive. You can expect to pay up to $ 4000 for an individual HA if you want the latest and greatest technology available. Where do you live? I am originally from Canada and I got mine paid for by the federal government under a program to help people with disabilities get back into the work force. You may have a similar program in the country you reside.

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