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Question by SCH: Hearing Aid?
I have moderate hearing loss in the speach range (I don’t remember the db loss the doctor said because I didn’t realize that was an important thing to know). My doctor wants me to choose between a in the canal hearing aid (Destiny or Oticon Syncro) or a behind the ear (Oticon Delta). They are all about the same price for a pair…so what I am wondering is if anyone has hearing aid experiance and which they prefer (in the canal or behind the ear).

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Answer by rmkenterprise
I have had hearing aids since I was 3 years old. I am now over 85% deaf without them so hopefully I can help 😉

It depends on your hearing loss. Since the doctor apparently has given you the choice of which model to wear, your hearing cannot be as bad as mine.

There is a difference as to the kind of aids that go in the ear:

ITC (in the canal) hearing aids are the small ones that some users can wear if their hearing is not bad (such as in your case). These fit completely in the canal and are taken out by grabbing a thin wire (almost resembles fishing line)and pulling the aid out of your ear.

ITE (in the ear) hearing aids, such as I wear, are for the more hard of hearing as they provide better amplification. These seem to be the industrial norm nowadays.

OTE (over the ear) hearing aids are bulky and cumbersome. Your age should be taken into account. I wore these when I was a child as they provide the Most amplification. However, because of their size and the hose that has to go from your ear mold to the aparattus behind your ear sticks out, alot of people dont like these type. Also, if you are active and get sweaty alot or work in a job environment where you dont want anything to get in the way, I wouldnt recommend these.

When I was a child I wore these until I was 18. At 18 I got the ITE hearing aids (they say your ears stop growing at around that age). If you try to outfit a child with ITE hearing aids, you would be going in every 6 months for new molds. A costly venture.

So, from what I can tell, your best bet is the ITC or ITE hearing aid. The ITC aid can be cumbersome to deal with, as it is so small.

My ITE hearing aid fits inside my entire ear and is visible in plain view. However they are still hardly noticeable. Whatever option you choose, make sure to request DIGITAL hearing aids. These allow for programmable settings and make it easier to use digital technology (such as cellphones) without feedback and noise. They are pretty much standard now.

The brand I have is oritron. They come with a 3 year warranty which is a big plus!

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  1. LetThemHearFoundation says:

    You really can’t go wrong with either the Syncro or the Delta. Don’t know anything about the Destiny. My daughter wears the Syncros (BTE, her loss is too severe for ITE) and they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. My father wears the Epoq which is bluetooth enabled and those are also great. Unlike what the previous poster wrote (all of which was accurate and great except for this part) the Delta is the most invisible BTE hearing aid imagineable, they use open-fit molds, and unless you are looking you really can’t see them.

    One thing that makes me shy away from ITE aids is that if they need to go in the shop for repairs, you can’t get an ITE loaner from your audiolgoist because the casing is completely customized to your ear canal — if your BTE breaks, you just pop another unit on your custom ear mold (if you have one) or an open fit mold if you don’t and you are good to go.

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