Hearing aid problems?

Question by mrniceguy1456: Hearing aid problems?
I got an Oticon hearing aid last november (Behind the ear) and it’s DEAD.
I perspire. It’s summer. Sweat shorts it out sometimes. Cant they make a waterproof hearing aid?
Anyone know how long the warranty is on the oticons?

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Answer by Terry L
The Oticon warranty is one year. I also had the same problem when in Thailand last year. Whilst in Bangkok I got to speak with the engineering rep/manager from Oticon. He rather pompously told me there was not a market for a water resistant aid and said my instrument had a one off manufacturing fault. I then asked why my second aid behaved the same…….same answer but longer. Have you tried SuperSeals? They work for a short time but if you use them too long they also prevent air from reaching the battery.

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