Hearing Aid…Please help if you have experience with it!?

Question by Doctor Dad: Hearing Aid…Please help if you have experience with it!?
Hello, I have a older friend (around 50 yrs old man) who was born with smaller ear drum thus causing less than perfect natural hearing ability. He is partially deaf although he can understand normal conversation if he concentrates & if there is no background noise.

I want to buy him a set of hearing aid for the Christmas gift but I’m overwhelmed with different choices. Here are main two questions.

1. Do you must see the hearing specialist/doctor to get the hearing aid that works? How many adjustment options are available in hearing aid that you need a specialist to adjust it? Would it be bad if you adjust it yourself?

2. If one can adjust it fairly well without visiting the specialist, can I purchase on off internet such as eBay? If so, which brand/model would you recommend for around $ 500.00-$ 600.00 USD?

3. Any other advise from experienced hearing aid owners? What should I look out for when buying hearing aid?

Thank you so much!

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Answer by ladyw900ldriver
A hearing aid is a personal item, just like eyeglasses or dentures. To insure a proper fit and adjustment, take your friend to a hearing center…What a wonderful friend you are, too!! Your friend is very fortunate, indeed!

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  1. Answers4u says:

    Wow, that’s a very thoughtful gift. I would strongly suggest taking him to the audiologist and then footing the bill rather than trying to just “buy a hearing aid”. I have two myself (due to a birth trauma) and mine are specialized just for my hearing (programed on the computer) by my audiologist. I personally use Phonak hearing aids but there are several other brands out there that an audiologist (a good one) should give you the option of. For the price you listed, you won’t be able to get a top quality one but you can still improve your friend’s hearing. Your comments seem to indicate that he has a moderate to severe loss so an audiologist would be your best bet for getting the best aid for your friend.
    Although I strongly recommend AGAINST it, if you do choose to buy a hearing aid online without the aid of a specialist, read the links I have attached below before just going to ebay. Either way, the hearing aid or the mold must be individually fitted to the ear so keep that in mind.

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