Hearing Aid Links

Hearing impairment
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Hearing Aid Links

The following hearing aid links and resources will provide you with lots more useful information:

American Society for Deaf Children– this website offers valuable information and support for families who are raising deaf children or those with hearing problems.

Deaf Resource Library – offering research, information and resources about deafness and deaf communities in the USA and Japan.  

Consumer Reports – read lots of advice and tips on choosing and purchasing your hearing aid.

Health Hearing – this consumer information site also has loads of information on hearing aids, batteries and other topics related to hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Web – is a great site full of information for people who suffer from hearing problems but are not actually members of the traditional deaf community. There are also forums and chat rooms where you can meet other people suffering from hearing loss related problems.

Tinnitus – eMedicine Health – this article has useful information on the problems of tinnitus, including the causes and symptoms, as well as the treatment.

Hearing Aid Consumer Guide – read reports and reviews, and compare the top ten hearing aids available today.

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