Hearing aid dogs for the deaf?

Question by xXxLucky13x: Hearing aid dogs for the deaf?
I live in maryland and i need a hearing aid dog for me.
Any suggestions??

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Answer by Luther y Stewart III
the best dog for you family is a train goldden-retrever they are reliyable and they listien and learn your family to the T and 98% of the time they want atack family members but they also
good protecter over your family and house and there good with kids i putt my life on commented senserialy luther young Stewart III my nickname luke if you need anymore quistion’s?

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  1. jess(: says:

    Go there, its a good site. Do a little research & also look on the right side of the page, it shows a list of things these hearing ability dogs can do. Some of the things in the list are clickable links, go to em and read what these dogs can really do. If it doesn’t work continue researching on google.

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