Hearing Aid Dispenser Job Change??

Question by gyggles000: Hearing Aid Dispenser Job Change??
I am considering taking a job that pays much less but will pay for me to become certified to dispense hearing aids. Does anyone work in this field that can tell me the good and bad of this type of position? Once in this position is the salary steady or commision based? Also how hard is the exam?

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Answer by j m
It all depends on your SALES skills. Yes it is very much commision based and yes the earnings can be very high for a very FEW people. The majority of hearing aid dispensers earn less than the national average wage.

I left a job earning a lot more 5 years ago to become a hearing aid dispenser and I am so sorry that i did. You need to be in the right area and you must have good sales skills, the companies will all tell you otherwise but the job is a SALES job!!!! Good luck.

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