Hearing Aid Awareness Month underway

Hearing Aid Awareness Month underway
These people—and there are millions of them—may not realize that modern hearing aids can significantly improve their hearing, or that the modern hearing aid is small that other people will not even notice it. The effects of unaided hearing loss are …
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Walmart Adjusts the Thermostat to Warm Worker Relations
Walmart is also trying to cast off an image as an exploitative employer with an army of minimum-wage workers, some of whom reportedly depend on food stamps or other government aid. Now, after the latest wage increases, all Walmart workers make above …
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Local neurologist refutes accusations
Casey said Derakhshan's upcoming hearing with the board of medicine will essentially come down to the difference of opinion on opioids. “That's the thing … Derakhshan believes he became persona non grata after some local pharmacies, such as Rite Aid …
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