Hearing aid?

Question by cali682003: Hearing aid?
I am researching hearing aids for my mom. She is COMPLETELY opposed to it. Any advice/info on the smallest possible hearing aid? She will not consider anything that is large. She is stuck in the 70’s not realizing that technology has made lots of advances in the size and quality of hearing aids. HELP! Thanks!

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Answer by jekin
Too bad for her attitude. I am a 70+ man and am considering hearing aids so I can understand people better and not miss out on life. It is a matter of price for me because I don’t have insurance for that. When I do get them, I am going to paint them red or add sparkles like jewelry. People wear earrings, don’t they. There is no shame for losing your hearing, mine is from loud noises, and I am proud to carry battle scars that I earned.

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  1. LetThemHearFoundation says:

    The Oticon Delta was made for people like your mother. It is a high end digital hearing aid with lots of cool bells and whistles. It is really small and has an almost invisible mold (the part that goes into the ear) which can aid up to moderate losses.

    Other aids worth considering is anything that you can get in the following configurations — ITE (in the ear), ITC (in the canal), or CIC (completely in canal). Most major manufacturers have several models that can be obtained in these configurations.

    The smaller hearing aids are typically for less severe losses so you need to check with an audiologist to see for sure whether her loss is compatible with this technology

    Good luck !


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