Hear to help: Nonprofit collects hearing aids for needy

Hear to help: Nonprofit collects hearing aids for needy
But often, Dillard has to tell patients something they don't want to hear: that “the only way to help their hearing is to get a hearing aid,” Dillard said, and good-quality hearing aids can cost upward of $ 1,000 just for one ear. “For many people, you …
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As Medicare turns 50, it's long past time to include hearing aids: Stephen F
Just as functioning hips and knees directly impact on quality-of-life activities, so too do hearing aids. Being able to hear grandchildren on the telephone, discern conversations in restaurants, and listen to one's partner are important to living happy …
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'Earfie': The ear selfie campaign funding hearing aids for Hong Kong's elderly
The campaign works by asking Hongkongers to post their earfies along with the hashtag #canyouhearus and a link to PhatRice's website, where you can donate to local charity Po Leung Kuk and help buy high quality hearing aids for their elderly care …
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