Health Sentinel: Gift of hearing a miracle from God

Health Sentinel: Gift of hearing a miracle from God
The recheck news wasn't good. It was definitely time for a hearing aid. “When I was in a restaurant or with a group of people, I could not focus in on what people were saying," Kuehnert said. "I was missing much of the conversation. I was missing …
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Warning signs of hearing loss can come early
When someone notices they aren't hearing as well as they used to, a hearing screening typically is done first, followed by a more involved exam, if necessary, to determine the nature and extent of hearing loss and how to best treat it. Expect a …
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Deaf boy able to hear thanks to cochlear implant
Hearing aids have never worked. David also has autism, making sign language tough. "It's challenging, because you want the best for your children," said Lisa. Last month, David had surgery at All Children's Hospital, that will allow him to hear for the …
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Wind-up radio inventor gets New Year Honour
"I'm trying to get patent theft recognised as a white collar crime," he said, adding that the idea had received a sympathetic hearing from the Metropolitan Police. Mr Baylis' best known invention is the Baygen wind-up radio, which he came up with in …
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