Have Government Assistance programs been taken advantage of and are now a?

Question by Jesus died for you: Have Government Assistance programs been taken advantage of and are now a?
“Crutch” instead of just a “band aid”? Have we created a nation of” laziness of many” while trying to help a few?

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Answer by Joe
Our single greatest government expendature is to the social security administration to the tune of $ 710.9 billion annually, defense spending is only $ 375.1 billion and we just happen to have 2 wars happening right now.

The amount of people recieving benefits from the social security administration is currently 58,297,000, making that 20% of our population. There is no way %20 of the entire country REALLY needs these benefits. NO WAY. i can understand the case that some people may really need the benefits but when 20% of the US population is gaming the system IT HAS TO STOP.

This is costing the working taxpayer an arm and a leg to take care of the lazy 20% of the population who refuse to work (even during a non-recessive economy). we only have 10% nationwide unemployment. Its encouraging lazy people to be lazier, and taking away incentives to work, so even hard working people will eventually stop working so they can lounge around all day and collect a paycheck.

Average monthly payout from SSA: 1,067.40 coming out to $ 6.67 per hour to do ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING. can we really afford to pay 20% of our population near minimum wage to do absolutley nothing???? they are making almost as much as a guy working 160 hours a month in fast food!!!!

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4 Responses to “Have Government Assistance programs been taken advantage of and are now a?”

  1. Prophet David Muhamadhoff™ says:

    No we haven’t The lazy will always be lazy.

    The thing is those who are willing to work hard, and feel they should be properly compensated for our hard work are struggling to make ends meet in this economy.

  2. jim s says:

    They’re necessary & abused. So heavily abused that those in need of them get abused for requesting them.
    I’ve not seen a system that tries so hard to keep from being abused surrendering to the abuses of political correctness.
    It’s more than a crutch, it’s an addiction. Many would have no idea what to do without it, so it continues.
    Soon enough it will be “Cold Turkey” for everyone, because the parasite has gotten big enough to kill the host.

  3. WitnessofJesus says:

    being a cancer patient survivor, i used food stamps to keep me alive and the Lds church helped me with Rent during my 8 month ordeal.

    even still, the last time i applied for unemployment i was rejected. even though a co-worker was given the benefits i was denied. He had the Same OR LESS hours worked than i.

    i am physically disabled too, now. and i still will not ask for food stamps and though im homeless now for a year, and maxxed out my credit card basically paying for food and gass and car repairs. i still believe that most people are stealing from tax payers for their “laziness”.
    i have heard that there is as much fraud among mexican citizens and illegal immigrants more so than american citizens.
    i have heard that there is 30% Fraud conspired among government workers to give benefits to those that should not receive it.

    the worst parts of government payouts is not food stamps, though illegal immigrants seem to have as many as 3 to 7 welfare checks coming to them, no, the worst part is paying unions retirement benefits for life.

    a few statistics. it takes 200 to 300 minimum wage workers to pay for ONE government worker. depending on the way a person figures the taxes and the payments, it can be as high as 400 minimum wage workers.

  4. Cajunboy says:

    Brother, Govt asst programs have never been a band aide for the problems of society…..They never solved anything and if anything , they’ve only helped to cause the dilemma we’re facing now….That is to say, “Our country’s’ going down the drain” if we can’t get a hold and stop spending be it government spending or even the citizens need to be more spend thrifts. This might slow the deficit down a bit until we can get our head above water for a moment in order to see what’s actually going on…We haven’t stopped for a time to evaluate what our next important and resolving step should be. All we do is spend on top of spending….

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