Has anyone personally had a cochlear implant (bionic ear) implanted?

Question by storm: Has anyone personally had a cochlear implant (bionic ear) implanted?
My stepmother is has severe hearing loss and is looking and is in the process of being assessed to see if a cochlear implant (bionic) ear would be suitable for her type of hearing loss. Her and my father would like to talk or communicate with people who have had personal experience with these implants as would really be helpful in their decision. So if anyone who has had personal experience with this type of implant would really appreciate their experiences or thoughts on it.

Thanks so much =)

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Answer by LegallyBlonde
I personally do not have one, but I know someone who does. A girl I know has a cousin who has one and he and his family love it and say it is such a great decision that they made. I know they have complained about other kids pulling on it and such, but since your stepmother is not a child this wouldn’t be a problem. I know he has to take it out when he sleeps and goes in the water, but he has gotten used to it.
I hope everything works out!

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  1. Howard says:


    I’ve got not one, but two cochlear implants! I lost my hearing suddenly at age 33, and struggled with hearing aids for over a decade. With my first implant, I was able to understand speech immediately in the activation room, although that is unusual. I received my second implant a couple of years later, about the time of a software upgrade designed to make music more enjoyable. My life is completely different now – I feel included, can participate in group conversations, have a cell phone, and an iPod. Life is just great!

    May I recommend going to http://www.hearingjourney.com? It’s a community with lots of CI users, some of whom are sure to have a hearing history similar to your mother-in-law’s. If you do go to Hearing Journey, please identify yourself as storm from Yahoo! Answers, and I’ll find you right away.

  2. Pamela says:

    I am bilaterally implanted as of last year after 40 years of little benefit from a hearing aid. Howard has given you a wonderful piece of advice…go to http://www.hearingjourney.com and read the forums. On Thursday evenings starting around 7pm EST, there is a chat room open…click on the “general chat” button. Registration to the site is free and it is a wealth of information, not to mention your stepmother and your father would be able to talk to many different people from all over the world with different experiences with CI’s.
    I love my CI’s! I hear all kinds of things I never even knew made sound, and for someone who never had voice recognition before, I’m amazed that I can pick out words in spoken conversation now.
    An audiologist would have a wealth of information and possibly even a local list of CI users in your parents’ area willing to talk to them, but in the meantime, you can’t go wrong checking out hearing journey first! 🙂

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