Hark! A hidden hearing aid

Hark! A hidden hearing aid
Conspicuous hearing aids may soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new device developed by three Dalhousie faculty members. For the past several years, Manohar Bance, professor and acting head of the Faculty of Medicine's otolaryngology division, and …
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How much do hearing aid batteries cost?
Hearing aid batteries usually cost about $ 1 a piece. A size 13 hearing aid battery in a well working hearing aid usually lasts 7-10 days or approximately one week. Some digital aids are getting up to three weeks. If your hearing aid is going through …
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The guide to the week's concerts
Hopscotch Music Festival · Scan, the Indy's music blog · Hearing Aid · Venues Guide · Calendar · Music Archives. Browse Arts. Calendar · Artery, the Indy's arts blog · Arts Archives. Browse Film. Film Times · Full Frame Documentary Film Festival …
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