Guys: Would you date a women who wears hearing aids and glasses?

Question by michael e: Guys: Would you date a women who wears hearing aids and glasses?
Just wondering about it. And what do you think of girls who wear hearing aids and glasses.

I wear both, and i don’t wear none of them when I visit my boyfriend because it makes me feel self conscious and shy.

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Answer by oy
Oh, please.

If the gal is BREATHING there’s a guy who’ll do her.

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23 Responses to “Guys: Would you date a women who wears hearing aids and glasses?”

  1. *SAGH* says:

    not me i care about personality

  2. April says:

    So when you go visit him you can neither see or hear him?

  3. Mike says:

    Her character, and whether she treats herself and others with respect, are the most important qualities.

  4. S.Y. says:

    sure,i would ………..
    hey wanna go out with me 😛

  5. achilles500 says:

    It’s what’s inside not outside that counts.

  6. lunatic says:

    Sure but I draw the line when women see my member and say they need a new eye-ware prescription.

  7. ShadowHawk says:

    If you are cute and have a good heart, the glasses and hearing aids don’t mean a thing.
    Whats wrong with glasses anyway, almost everybody wears them.

  8. NanaT says:

    Don’t let that hold you back. If a guy actually cares about that superficial stuff, he isn’t worth wasting time with ANYWAY!

  9. old fart says:

    I wear glasses and am about ready for a hearing aid, so yes.

  10. truth! says:

    I am married to a girl who wears a hearing aid and eye glasses, you have to be who you are for yourself first before anyone else.

  11. patty says:

    I just asked my husband and he said yes. I married you didn’t I. But I don’t wear a hearing aid. Just glasses. He wears glasses and needs a hearing aid and I would date him all over again. I think you should leave them on next time and it will be just fine.

  12. ♥Shortstuff13 ♥ says:

    I’m not a guy but I had to tell you how I feel. If people can’t accept you for who you are on the outside, how will they even begin to accept you for what’s on the inside? Never feel self conscious or shy about yourself in that way. It’s not a turn off to many men & if it is, they can move on down the road, including your boyfriend. Don’t hide your glasses & hearing aid from your guy.

  13. keeprockin says:

    Wife would kill me.

    If her looks and personality met my approval,then I couldn’t care less what she wore. Long as it wasn’t a man united top
    If you hope to take your romance farther,then your B/F will have to know about them.
    If he doesn’t know,then tell him and wear them on next date. After a few dates,he’ll get that used to them,he’ll think you look strange without them.
    If he doesn’t like you wearing them,then,don’t stop wearing them..stop seeing the bloke.

  14. Jackie Blue says:

    If it were me, I would want to hear what he is saying and see what he’s up to. Anyone that cares will care for YOU.

  15. littlewilly50 says:

    I love the basic model,with or without accessories sweetheart. x

  16. izawana says:

    There is nothing wrong or unpretty about that! He obviously likes you a lot already and no matter what. I think you should wear them next time you go see him! He needs to know the true you! I know you can!

  17. toff says:

    Nope. If I did my wife would kill me. If I was single I would, as long as she was nice. After all, I wear glasses and will probably require hearing assistance one day. Hope I’m never single again though. Can’t imagine life without my wonderful wife, glasses and all.

  18. connor g says:

    Sure if her bank account were in good shape.

  19. bungee says:

    I would. no one is perfect. if your boyfriends can’t accept you as your are you don’t need them<

  20. William B says:

    it,s not the looks but the inner self

  21. Poppy says:

    If you stay together long enough he will soon know anyway. How can you hear what he is saying to you? Talk to him about this, it is important for you to let him know so you can be more your self. If this bothers him then he is not worth your time. Poppy

  22. rem552000 says:

    That would never bother me at all. Personality is the main quality.

  23. DR W says:

    Men do make passes at women who wear glasses…it all depends on their frames…do you hear me?

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