'Gone in a matter of Minutes': Volunteers remember Katrina

'Gone in a matter of Minutes': Volunteers remember Katrina
After three days, they were able to move evacuees to a much larger building, a small-town coliseum used for rodeos and concerts. … "As the evacuees came in, they didn't have their hearing aids, they didn't have their teeth, they didn't have their …
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Local man travels to Third-World countries, helps people of all ages
People don't associate hearing aids with glasses. They think hearing aids means you are old. But now they are very small and compact.” Technology makes hearing aids difficult to detect and also has Smart technology and can be iPhone compatible for …
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Belton man uses 3-D printer to make insulin pump for little girl's doll
You can have glasses, you can have hearing aids, wheelchairs, food allergies, EpiPens, but they don`t have an insulin pump,” said Kellie. “Luckily I had a good friend that can make that happen.” Rinaldi builds an object on a computer, a small motor …
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