God Bless America Ride sets 25th anniversary event

God Bless America Ride sets 25th anniversary event
Veterans use commissary coupons to pay for incidentals such as toothpaste, shaving cream, hearing aid batteries, ice cream and other everyday items, Gehr said. Funds also can pay the patient's share of the cost for a wheelchair. Rides have paid for a …
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Hearing Aid
Though the new media wing housed at the ministry of information and broadcasting was created in 2013 by the UPA to be its online eyes and ears, the scope of its work has expanded dramatically in the past year. As this paper noted, reports prepared by …
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Planning board sets public hearing for Greenport flyboarding business
Some residents asked about the location of the business; a map posted online about the proposed parameters of where the business would operate raised some questions. Some asked about … Resident John Saldino asked why a public hearing was necessary …
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