Genetic Hearing Loss-any clinical trials out there, hearing aids may be my only option otherwise?

Question by Rusty: Genetic Hearing Loss-any clinical trials out there, hearing aids may be my only option otherwise?
I am a 28 year old male with hearing loss from my moms side of the family. I will have to get hearing aids soon but I was wondering if there are clinical trials available or any alternatives that might actually bring back my hearing, as opposed to just amplify everything. Any input is GREATLY appreciated. Sincerely, McGillicutty

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Answer by LetThemHearFoundation
There are clinical trials studying genetic markers associated with hearing loss, but there are no clinical trials for treating genetic hearing loss that I am aware of. Alternatives for the permanent restoration of hearing other than traditional hearing aids are the BAHA device (for single sided loss) and cochlear implants (for bilateral severe to profound loss)

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  1. ZCT says:

    I very much doubt a cure will be found for your hearing loss during your life time. There are over 30,000 nerve endings in the cochlea and it is simply not easy to repair them once they stop working. Of course I’m assuming you have a nerve deafness as opposed to something medically treatable (e.g. otosclerosis).

    But modern hearing aids are a long way removed from what you may have seen old people wearing. They no longer amplify everything, they amplify exactly the sounds you need to hear better. Old problems of whistling (feedback), background noise, over amplification, distortion, entrainment, occlusion and other hearing aid issues have all been resolved in the latest generation of hearing instruments.

    Go and see a licensed hearing professional for a hearing test. When you call to make an appointment ask them if you will be allowed to listen to some real hearing aids after the test. If they don’t offer that facility, call somewhere else. A good hearing professional will test you, and then let you test drive a hearing aid system right there in the office (programmed to your prescription). You should then be able to order a set and keep them for 30 days for free, returning them if you don’t like them. Watch out for penalties for returning them. A good professional will offer you a totally free no obligation trial.

    Consider Starkey / Audibel, ReSound, Oticon and Widex. These are all premium brands. Expect to pay $ 4,000 – $ 8,000 for a top quality system (total price, not each). Expect your insurance company to pay little to nothing.

    If you carry any insurance through Farm Bureau they have a program that gives you a discount of up to 50%. Well worth it.

    Consider too that hearing aids are a medical expense, so you can use it for a tax write off.

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