Fleetwood Mac to Release New Songs

Fleetwood Mac to Release New Songs
… Auction Sale of Hopi Artifacts. A judge in Paris has scheduled a hearing for Thursday on the issue of whether an auction there of Hopi Indian artifacts, viewed as sacred by the tribe, can go forward as planned on Friday. April 09 … to Facebook …
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Exxon Mobile Is Found Neligent in New Hampshire MTBE Use
“We appreciate the jurors' service during this long trial, but erroneous rulings prevented them from hearing all the evidence and deprived us of a fair trial,” Lender said yesterday in a statement. New Hampshire's suit was one of scores of cases over …
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Alere: We have an 'ample' portfolio and don't buy perfume
mobile medical health apps Alere has become a popular name for a digital health sector that's hoping to see some early-stage acquisitions. But every read-between-the-lines comment from Dr. Craig Keyes, the company's president of health management, says …
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