Finding worth for yourself

Finding worth for yourself
I don't read poems by Keats to improve my communication skills or to test my memory. I don't write short fiction stories to impress professors or to publish them for money. I don't draw, sketch, paint, act, sing, dance or recite monologues because I …
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Killer Mike Talks Race Relations, Calls For More Minority-Owned Labels at MIT
A smile clean across his beard, Mike apologized for being hard of hearing. "My ears are … In turn Mike skipped any small talk, right away setting the tone for his installment of the ongoing MIT Hip Hop Speaker Series. … Whereas many radical MCs …
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Fail! City holds controversial hearing on eve of major test
The department held an hearing to collect parents' feedback on the proposal to establish two publicly funded, privately run charters in the area, but the timing showed total tone-deafness, according to the area leaders. “If you want parent engagement …
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