Feeling sorry for meh self?

Question by I laugh cause we r all the same: Feeling sorry for meh self?
Im deaf/hard of hearing and wears a bionic implant and a hearing aid..
I love being deaf sometime I dont. I can hear very good now and when I chat or trying to understand the conversation and I can see other hearing having a good time laughing and knows how like they are normal. I am a very naive person. My family are very protective of me becuase Of my personalaties and My mom said, “Your my baby gurl and your very beautiful and very naive, anything can happen to you and I dont want that to happen to you thats why we are very protective of you, you are very lucky to have a family that cares for you.” I thought of everything what she said and told me. I dont see if people are bad but I do know what good or bad or whats wrong or right. But I am a naive gurl who cares for people and very nice to others. My mom said, “people can take advantage of you” I understood now but I just wish I wasnt deaf. Cause I dont know how to respond or have conversation with friends. It hurts alot and sometime people ask do you have something in your mouth? Why do you talk like that? “I tell them Im hard of hearing or show them my thing in my ear. Also sometime I say I have an accent” lol Life sometime iz so unfair and Wish to laugh and hear and be normal like everyone else. I dont care what people say about me or when they make fun of me I just walk away from that. I am sum what retarted and I just dont understand. When people begs or pleases me sum what I do it even though If I know its wrong sumtime Ill do it sumtime I dont. I dont understand how or why I do that!

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Answer by Hopefully Helpful
I understand what it feels like to be different. I also was born with a handicap. I am happy that the bionic implant works for you. I have a few friends that are profoundly deaf and blind. I have learned a little sign language. Please feel free to e mail me. Best Wishes.

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  1. hooyutoo2 says:

    It’s a very difficult thing to try to remain positive and open to people and yet not be taken advantage of in life. Your family may be over protective at times but they will always love you. Try to stay positive with everyone else but recognize that there are some that may try to take advantage of your kindness. I hope that you find someone that will cherish your kindness and keep watch over you.

  2. Carly D says:

    oh honey you sound SO sweet. i think the reason you do things when people beg you because you sub- conciously want their approval….and i dont think you know how to deal with peer pressure. its hard to say no, and people may have an upset or disappointed look on their face when you say no, but if YOU dont want to do something, or if YOU think its wrong, then you should NOT do it….this is one of the hardest things in life to do, but it makes you so much stronger when you resist peer pressure.

    may God bless you! 🙂

  3. Knell says:

    I would firstly say that I think you are very brave to write that on -line and I hope you will think about taking up sign language as you would be able to communicate with your friends and that they would think about doing the same course . As for knowing that there are people who do good and those who do wrong,says that you do have some intelligence and know what do about it . Please do Not Worry about your disability for I am sure people will love you for who you are not what they see in form of the disability that you have . I hope this Helps you in some way . I do not think that you are feeling sorry for yourself , I just think you are feeling down Take Care Knell 22

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