Echo-Norvell focuses on improving patients' hearing

Echo-Norvell focuses on improving patients' hearing
Since it opened nine years ago, Echo-Norvell's Newark location, 420 Granville St., has offered hearing tests and has fitted and sold hearing aids to adults with hearing loss related to nerve damage. Starner, who has high-frequency hearing loss, is able …
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Deaf journalist Frank Swain uses his hearing aid to listen to Wi-Fi
The London-based writer teamed up with sound designer Daniel Jones to build a tool that translates Wi-Fi networks into sounds that could be picked up through his hearing aids. Now, Mr Swain has created a map and audio file that reveal what the … The …
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Boost Your Ears To Superhuman Levels With These Cyborg Ears
… Soundhawk device is emphatically not a hearing aid, according to CEO Michael Kisch. The single-ear device is a much lower price than most hearing aids available today (the ReSound LiNX, in comparison, costs $ 3,200 to $ 3,500 per unit), and it's …
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