Drake Vs. Wayne Vs. Noisey

Drake Vs. Wayne Vs. Noisey
Obviously, Drake would not exist in this upper echelon of rap without the aid of a superstar mentor. However, Wayne's position at the top of the rap game post-Tha Carter III was largely assisted by Drake's alleged ghostwriting help. Deeming a single …
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Madness on Mt. Kilimanjaro
Several months later, Bauer's research studying baboons led her to Laikipia – a vast plateau in the heart of Kenya, stretching from the slopes of Mt Kenya to the edge of the Great Rift Valley, and the only place in Africa where wildlife numbers were on …
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The Top Henchmen Fails Of All Time! In Honor Of "Ill Suited" Short Becoming
Of course, no henchman movie would be complete without a little bumbling – henchmen are often less-than-skilled when it comes to helping the big bad; after all, if they were good, they wouldn't be henchmen! In honor of the animated evil …. His …
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Book Reviews: We Love Graphic Novels!
Her parents find a new kind of hearing aid called the Phonic Ear, which is a contraption that slips on the front of her body like a backpack. It is huge. … Cleo and Zita (from review mentioned earlier) could be great friends and colleagues. The age …
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