Doro PhoneEasy 618 (Consumer Cellular)

Doro PhoneEasy 618 (Consumer Cellular)
In my tests, voices sounded clear, full, and natural in the phone's earpiece, which is M3 and T4 hearing-aid compatible. Calls made with the phone have a somewhat muted quality, but noise cancellation is excellent. The speakerphone sounds a little …
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Christmas TV 2012: What to watch
Well, that the ballroom contest is thriving, thrashing The X Factor in the ratings; that re-introducing the dance-off has reinvigorated the results show; that after a shaky start (yah?), Darcey Bussell has become an … You know all those festive tunes …

A Queens High Rise Where Fear, Death and Myth Collided
Almost everyone — the residents, their families, the building owners, city officials and aid workers — was poorly prepared for the magnitude of need caused by power failures that persisted long after the hurricane had passed. But the video … In an …
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Early education an important investment
North Carolina's licensed child-care facilities use a 5-star rating system that considers program, quality and education, including education levels of lead teachers, the state Division of Child Development and Early Education's website showed …
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