Donaldson Co. distills new ideas for filters

Donaldson Co. distills new ideas for filters
In health care, Donaldson has found new customers for its tiny filters by creating membranes that protect the electronic guts of hearing aids and filters for ostomy bags to dampen odors. “We were already in the technologies but the markets are new …
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App turns smartphones into hearing aids
BioAid can turn a smartphone into a hearing aid, according to a recent article in Technology Review. The app employs the high-quality microphones found in many smartphones and filters out unwelcome frequencies. The amplified sound is then delivered to …
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Keeping Track of the Record Breakers
Still, via word of mouth, Mr. Schroeder kept hearing of distances better than what he had noted. They just couldn't be verified. “It's so many different distances and times that it was really hard to filter through what was legit and what was not,” he …
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