Does meditating help develop psychic abilities?

Question by Donald: Does meditating help develop psychic abilities?
lately I’ve been listening to a lot of isochronic tones, and I heard that meditating does help. Would listening to Isochronic tones or binaural beats aid me in doing this? because I heard that is the same as meditating

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Answer by Isocrates Tesla
Yes, and astrology is real.
So is Social “Science”.

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8 Responses to “Does meditating help develop psychic abilities?”

  1. Galactus says:

    No. Meditation can help with relaxation and self-hypnosis. Psychic powers aren’t actually real, so you won’t develop them.

  2. J C says:

    I’m sending you my answer telepathically.

  3. unknown says:

    Be careful, in the bible it talks about to always keep your mind guarded, when you meditate think of a goal or a subject of interets thus a “happy place” because if you free your mind demons can enter it and possess you, because think of a new empty jar thats sealed on, and after you open it the first time unseen air and bacteria fill it up, so thats the same concept but more like in spiritual terms, i would practice meditation through pray in the name of jesus.

  4. Fleet Hepbyrne says:

    You despise coherence, don’t you?

  5. Marcia says:

    Meditating on the word of God brings revelations from the Holy Spirit. God created us this way, but we are supposed to meditate on his word, not other stuff. It becomes satanic when meditating on anything that opposes God’s word.

  6. Death says:

    I will begin by saying that to this day, no one human has shown proof of psychic abilities. Further more, the depicted abilities which i have mostly heard of are “mind reading”. The issue with said ability is that in order to know what a person is thinking or imagining would require you to get a detailed 3D figure of that persons head, their brain waves, heart pulse, and knowledge of their childhood. There is no way…. I repeat/// NO WAY a person can obtain that information just by being in close approximation with the intended person. Do not believe lies this world so easily scatters on the ground like bird feed. We humans have the capacity to think. I recommend using it unless you enjoy mingling among the poor, uneducated, and narcissistic failures.

  7. giriisindahouse says:

    That’s supposed to be a secret and should remain a secret. When Buddha’s disciples experience great abilities due to meditation and want to spread the knowledge, Buddha told them “these are not beneficial in the spiritual journey and will be considered as magic tricks by the public and will be faked for years to come”. So ever since then monks are VERY very quiet about their psychic abilities.

    Its up to you to believe or not. I believe that something is out of the world till you know the knowledge behind it. 2000 years ago, if you tell a guy that you can talk to him anywhere in the world using only a stone, he’ll say its magic. Now we know cellphones do exactly that and so its not a magic for us.

  8. Midnight says:

    yes meditation does help improve your psychic abilities i have meditated regularly for the past month and noticed a big change and development. don’t listen to other people you have the right to believe in what you want even if they say it’s not real 🙂

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