Does lice shampoo damage your hair in any way?

Question by : Does lice shampoo damage your hair in any way?
I just found lice on my head. I need to get the shampoo in the morning.

I have very long hair, it goes past my boobs. I REFUSE to cut it! I’ve been growing it out since an awful, extremely short haircut from years ago. I love my hair and will not cut it,

I have some split ends and breakage, my hair can get really dry and frizzy. My scalp can also get pretty dry…. Will the shampoo damage my hair in any way at all?

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Answer by ooossshs
the shampoo will not damage it at all. massaging shampoos and conditioners into your hair actually gets the blood circulation flowing at the roots and stimulates hair growth.
Although using shampoos (any sort) A LOT can make your hair dry and brittle.

I hope i helped.
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  1. Equestrian Mafia™ says:

    you might have to get it trimmed up after all is said and done, but I will recommend getting more than one bottle and grab the comb and pick through your hair. Also a good thing to get rid of them but will make your hair greasy is my mother use to do a mineral oil and vinegar mix. I am not sure the mix amount can probably find online, but you pretty much would saturate hair in it and the put a shower cap over head for an hour. Also make sure you vacuum, clean and do anything to everything that is washable or vacuum surfaced as they will be able to live in anything and everything. I am saying this all from experience from when I was younger and had long hair down to my butt, my mother had to do all this to save my hair from being cut.

    Edit: here is a link to what I was saying to Mineral Oil and Vinegar

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