Does FM listening devices work better than hearing aids?

Question by Tracy T: Does FM listening devices work better than hearing aids?
I am hard of hearing and I wear hearing aids however in class last semester, I still had a very hard time hearing. The office of disability support on my campus offered a FM listening device. Will that work better? If so, what is the purpose of spending thousands of dollars on hearing aids (besides convenience) when you can get a listening device for so cheap? I have made appointments to get my hearing evaluated and my hearing aids checked.

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Answer by Daniel K
Hearing aids are “self contained” and can be used anywhere. FM listening headsets are used only in auditoriums and churches where there is a transmitter set up to rebroadcast the sound coming out of the PA system. The FM listening device (receiver) then picks up the broadcast.

I have noticed that most people take their hearing aids out when using the assisted listening headsets.

To make a long answer short, yes you still will need your hearing aid, but you may choose to take it out when using the FM listening device.

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  1. boomersooner! says:

    I know what you mean, what I have done is my hearing aid has an FM reciever and I can use my hearing aids and what ever my professors say I hear right in my hearing aids with out the added background noise. It is awesome and has helped me so much since I have been in college.

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